Hello, my name is Jordan

Hello, my name is Jordan Ellis. I was born in Cleburne, Texas and for the most part is where I grew up. Growing up, there was always a lot of chaos in our house. I didn’t have my biological father in my life but I did have my mother. By the time I was 7


My name is Kellie

My name is Kellie Davidson and I was born in Kilgore, Texas. My parents divorced when I was four years old and my little brother was two. My mother quickly remarried and I became close to my step dad. As a little girl I longed to be with my daddy and struggled with the divorce. 


My name is Lacey Goodson. I started using drugs and drinking at the age of 15 to escape from things going on in my family life. I grew up in a single parent home with a very loving Mother. I was exposed to addiction and alcoholism from my step-father, biological Dad, and my brother. It